Vienna Public Transportation

Public Transportation in Vienna
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8 Tage Karte Wien The Vienna public transport system works on the honor system. You need to buy a ticket in advance. It is not worth the risk of being caught without one - fines are very steep and could ruin a perfectly pleasant vacation.

Probably the best ticket to buy while in Vienna is the '8-Tage-Karte' - buy it online!. It costs 28.80 EUR and gives you 8 days of unlimited rides on the public transport system within city limits. Let's say you and your loved one are in Vienna for 4 days - you buy one 8-Tage-Karte and each day you stamp two (one for each of you) coupons.

You must validate one stripe of this multi-ride ticket per person and day prior to using public transport. Each strip of the 8-day ticket is valid on the day of validation from 0.00 until 1.00 of the following day. The number of stripes validated must equal the number of persons using the pass during that day. The pass is good for unlimited riding in Zone 100 on the day of validation. Instructions for use:

Fold back validated stripes.

Insert folded ticket in ticket machine (see arrow);
validation is indicated by a short signal.

Here are other ticket versions for shorter or longer stays.

For further reading I highly suggest 'The Vienna Metro' an unofficial site about the U-Bahn!